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Flageolet Beans

Flageolet Beans are small, immature kidney beans that are white to very light green in color. Mainly cultivated in France, these coveted beans are very tender and mild, with a delicate, creamy texture. They are known as the "caviar" of the bean world.

  • Especially good for salads and purees

  • Traditionally served with lamb

  • Tend to remain whole, even under long cooking

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    Suggested uses

  • Common substitute for the more traditional Tarbais beans in the classic French country dish cassoulet, where they are stewed and baked with lamb, tomatoes, garlic and often sausage

  • Flageolet Beans' light, versatile flavor especially compliments lamb, but is also great with fish and chicken

  • Stew Flageolets in stock with bacon, garlic, onion and rosemary for a classic French side dish

  • Excellent in both cold and warm bean salads because of their sturdy texture

  • Make creamy and delicious purees and dips

  • Basic prep

    Carefully sort beans and rinse thoroughly. Soak overnight in cold water. Place beans in a pot and cover with water by 2 inches. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes, or until tender. Drain.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Flageolet beans.

    Classic recipe

    Lamb Haricots

    This quintessential Provençal spring casserole is the perfect dish to serve at Easter, Passover or a spring dinner party. The tender roasted lamb and our delicate Flageolet Beans soak up the fragrant flavors of garlic, fennel, white wine and tomatoes, giving this dish rich flavor and hearty texture.