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White Sliced Spring Truffles

The White Spring Truffle is a whitish truffle collected in some regions of Central Italy. Its earthy, garlicky flavor and aroma are similar to that of the Alba truffle, although milder.

  • An economical choice for those seeking the white truffle flavor

  • Our Sliced White Spring Truffles are preserved in our proprietary white truffle oil

  • Variously sized slices

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    Suggested uses

  • Try stuffing a few slices of truffle under the skin of a chicken and allowing it sit for a few hours before roasting-the flavor will permeate the bird

  • Chop and fold into room-temperature butter to make a delicious topping for steak, pasta or a baked potato

  • Infuse into creamy sauces for pasta, poultry or fish

  • Scatter on top of creamy scrambled eggs

  • Chop and add to aioli for a rich, flavorful condiment for vegetables, fish, French fries and hamburgers

  • Place a few slices in a small amount of honey and allow to infuse, then drizzle the truffle honey over cheese on a cheese plate

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.


    Virgin Olive Oil, Tuber Borchetti Vitt and Truffle Aroma.

    The White Spring Truffle (Tuber borchii Vittadini) is a whitish truffle that is collected from January to April in the Central Italian regions of Tuscany, Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Marche and Molise. It has a similar (although milder) flavor and aroma to Alba truffles (Tuber magnatum pico), pungent and earthy, with garlicky and floral notes. However, White Spring Truffles are generally a more economical choice than their famously expensive cousins.

    White Spring Truffles grow underground in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak, hazelnut, poplar and beech trees. They were traditionally (and in some areas, still are) hunted using female pigs, who would mistake the truffles' aroma for the mating hormone of male pigs. Unfortunately, since pigs are rather indiscriminate eaters, this led to the pigs consuming nearly as many truffles as were successfully harvested. Now, truffle hunters typically use trained dogs.

    White Spring Truffles are irregularly shaped and warty-molded by the stones that surround them in the soil-with a smooth, light brown or cream-colored exterior that resembles a baking potato. Inside, the flesh is light tan to reddish brown with white marbling. They range in size from that of a walnut to that of a fist, but most are on the smaller side.

    The aroma and flavor of the white truffle is famously difficult to describe, but it bears notes of garlic, wild mushroom, wet leaves and hazelnut. It is extremely umami, and lends an assertive flavor that quickly takes center stage in any dish. Hence, it is best to serve truffles with relatively neutral ingredients such as eggs, cheese, cream, potatoes, pasta and rice, which will allow the truffles to shine. Fats can capture and enhance the aroma of truffles, so they are favored partners. Our Sliced White Spring Truffles can be infused into sauces or chopped and added to dishes to add depth. They should not be overcooked, however, as this compromises their flavor.

    Classic recipe

    Green Salad with Truffle-Walnut Vinaigrette

    This nutty vinaigrette is all about the bold, earthy flavor of our D'Allesandro Gold Spring White Sliced Truffles. Spring White Sliced Truffles need balance which comes in the form of honey, apple cider vinegar and walnut oil.