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Truffle Peelings

Known as the “black diamonds” of the kitchen, black truffles are the world’s most prized mushroom. D’allesandro Truffle Peelings are a convenient, year-round way to enjoy the pungent intensity of black truffles.

  • Black truffle peelings of varying size in truffle juice

  • Our black truffles have a mild, subtly musky, earthy flavor that enhances many foods

  • Umami-packed shavings are ready for use in recipes

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    Suggested uses

  • Truffle peelings are ideal for flavoring soups, stocks and sauces because they add a cost-effective truffle flavor

  • Chop and add to creamy pasta dishes, polenta, risottos and other rice dishes

  • Delicious in an omelette or added to pate

  • Chop and fold into butter to make a compound butter that can be used to flavor various dishes, or to add a luxurious finishing touch to roasted steak or chicken

  • Accentuates and heightens the flavor of other, more muted mushrooms

  • Rich, creamy or cheesy sauces get a boost from the addition of truffle—try it in mac and cheese

  • Basic prep

    Remove truffles from can and rinse before using.


    Black truffle peelings (tuber indicum), truffle juice, salt.

    Classic recipe

    Truffle Butter

    Our elegant Summer Truffle Peelings are preserved in rich black truffle oil to protect their delicate, earthy flavor. Use this aromatic butter to enhance meat or pasta, or melt it and drizzle over potatoes for a decadent flavor boost.