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Tri-Color Quinoa Blend

Bring the nutty flavor and wholesome, whole-grain nutrition of quinoa to your table with this blend of black, red and white quinoa.

  • Small, round grains

  • Nutrient-dense, gluten-free alternative to pasta and rice

  • Pre-washed and quick to cook

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Enjoy in place of rice, bulgur, barley or couscous

  • Use as a base for pilafs, salads or breakfast cereals

  • Bake into breads, crackers or desserts

  • Quinoa pasta is popular among those following a gluten-free diet

  • Basic prep

    Bring 2 cups water to a boil. Add 1 cup quinoa, reduce heat to low and simmer for about 15 minutes. The grain will pop and the outside germ will separate into a curly tail. Drain excess water and spread on a sheet pan to cool or use immediately.



    Quinoa is an sturdy, durable crop grown in the same way since ancient times. Its pearl-shaped grains offer excellent nutrition that has not been stripped by large-scale farming practices.

    It is an extremely popular health food because it contains more protein and fiber and fewer carbohydrates than other grains and is free of wheat gluten. It provides a balanced source of vitamins and minerals.

    Quinoa comes in a range of colors, with the most common being white (most commonly available, so often simply called “quinoa”) and red. Compared to white quinoa, the red variety holds its shape slightly better after cooking. This blend also includes black quinoa, a variety prized for its deep, rich color.

    Cooking quinoa causes its hulls to split from creamy soft grains, for a unique texture combination akin to bulgur mixed with couscous.

    We source our quinoa from Peru and Bolivia, where quinoa has been grown since it was first cultivated by ancient civilizations.

    Our Quinoa is prewashed and ready to cook. It’s a more nutritionally rich substitute for rice and a gluten-free alternative to wheat grains. In fact, the United Nations World Health Organization observes that Quinoa is closer to the ideal protein balance than any other grain. Among one of the few “ancient” grains that is a complete protein, Black Quinoa is also a good source of essential amino acids, fiber and many of the complex B vitamins. Quinoa was a staple Inca food and has been grown in the Andes for centuries.

    Classic recipe

    Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini

    This savory, meatless main dish is flavored with Organic Mediterranean Oregano and fresh basil. The savory filling of Tri-Colored Quinoa Blend, Cannellini Beans and Slivered and Blanched Almonds get topped with tangy goat and parmesan cheeses.