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Squash Blossoms

Our hand-harvested Squash Blossoms are a unique culinary delicacy. With their subtle flavor and versatile texture, squash blossoms offer a variety of preparation options.

  • Varying shades of yellow and orange with some green

  • Subtle flavor

  • Shaped like a closed flower bud, each 2 to 3 inches in length

  • 30 to 35 blossoms per can

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    Suggested uses

  • Stuff with cheese or vegetables, then batter and deep-fry for a delicious appetizer

  • Use with Mexican queso such as Chihuahua for a unique quesadilla filling

  • Slice and add to soups or salads

  • Sauté with summer squash, onions and tomatoes and toss with pasta and Parmesan cheese for a seasonal vegetarian main

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. No preparation necessary.


    Squash Blossoms, water, salt, citric acid.

    Squash blossoms are the large flowers produced by squash, zucchini and pumpkin plants. The squash plant produces both male and female blossoms, and the male blossoms are preferred for their larger size. The mild flavor of these flowers allows them to be used in a wide variety of culinary applications.

    The flavor of squash blossoms is similar to that of the squash itself, but more subtle. Squash blossoms are used in several traditional Italian and Mexican dishes, in which they are typically either sliced and added to soups, salads or the fillings of quesadillas, or stuffed and deep-fried as an appetizer or garnish.

    Classic recipe

    Squash Blossom Quesadillas

    Squash blossoms are a rare treat in Mexican cuisine, and fresh ones can be hard to come by. Our canned Squash Blossoms are hand-harvested and canned to preserve their fresh, mild flavor. These simple quesadillas are a great way to showcase their unique taste and texture.