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Sliced Black Truffles

Our dried Sliced Black Truffles have a mellow, earthy truffle aroma and complex flavor that adds depth to any dish. These dried black truffles last longer than fresh, and allow cooks to utilize these highly prized mushrooms at a more affordable price.

  • Light to dark brown slices of varying sizes with a white vein pattern

  • Drying removes the water content and concentrates flavor

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    Suggested uses

  • Ideal for flavoring soups, stocks and sauces because they add a cost-effective truffle flavor

  • Chop rehydrated slices and add to creamy pasta dishes, polenta, risottos and other rice dishes

  • Delicious in an omelette or added to pate

  • Chop and fold into butter to make a compound butter that can be used to flavor various dishes, or to add a luxurious finishing touch to roasted steak or chicken

  • Rich, creamy or cheesy sauces get a boost from the addition of truffle - try it in mac and cheese

  • Basic prep

    Rehydrate by soaking in hot water for 30 to 40 minutes. Drain, reserving liquid. The soaking water can be used in soups or sauces to add a subtle truffle flavor.


    Black truffle mushrooms.

    Classic recipe

    Truffle-Salmon Quiche

    Quiche is a quick and easy dish that can easily satisfy for lunch or dinner. In this recipe, the addition of our Sliced Black Truffles turns this classic dish into an elegant, decadent and rich meal.