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Roasted Salted Yellow Soybeans

Our Roasted Salted Yellow Soybeans (sometimes referred to as soy nuts or edamame) are a crunchier, lighter alternative to roasted peanuts. Yellow soybeans are slightly nutty on their own, but when roasted, the soybeans take on a distinctly nutty flavor. They have a shatteringly crunchy texture that adds a satisfying contrast to many dishes, like soups and salads, but Roasted Salted Yellow Soybeans can also be incorporated into products like trail mixes.

  • Small crunchy bean with a tan color

  • Can be eaten as-is

  • Use in salad toppers, trail mix, or snacks

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    Suggested uses

    Our Yellow Roasted Salted Soybeans are a nutty with a touch of salt, and are a perfect way to add crunch to dishes that need texture.

  • Blend with dried fruits and nuts to make a healthy snack or trail mix

  • Top salads or soup for added crunchy texture

  • Grind and blend with oil to create soynut butter, an alternative to peanut butter

  • Use as alternative for peanuts to create peanut-free dishes

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a cool, dry place.


    Soybeans, salt, soybean oil. Contains soy.