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Red Bell Pepper Powder

Red Bell Pepper Powder is a convenient way to add fresh, sweet-tangy bell pepper flavor to a recipe. The only pepper in its family without a burning heat, bell peppers can be used more widely in recipes for their brilliant color and sweet, mild pepper taste.

  • Ultrafine-textured powder

  • Bright reddish-orange color

  • Sweet, tangy taste

  • Very mild, ranges 0 to 100 on Scoville Heat Scale

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    Suggested uses

  • Add to soups, stews or chili for added flavor and color

  • Stir into rice pilafs or other rice dishes before liquid is added

  • Mix with cream cheese, Greek yogurt or sour cream and season to taste for a quick spread or dip

  • Add to creamy béchamel and cheese sauces for a lovely orangey color and mellow red pepper flavor

  • Add to pasta or bread dough for subtle flavor and an attractive orange color

  • Use as a condiment or garnish

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.


    Red Bell Pepper, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).

    Classic recipe

    Fresh Red Pepper Pasta

    As long as fresh pasta is being made why not add some flavor? Our incredibly convenient and flavorful red bell pepper powder delivers. Add only a little more moisture, we use 1 egg yolk, and keep fresh pasta recipes the same. The pepper powder blends in seamlessly to add sweet pepper taste and a colorful hue to fettuccine, ravioli or thick cut pappardelle.