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Prague Powder #1

Prague Powder #1, also known as InstaCure #1 or DC #1, is a basic pink curing salt used to cure meats for cooking, smoking or canning. This mix of salt, sodium nitrite and pink coloring safely, quickly and correctly cures meat.

  • Light pink, fine-textured grain

  • Adds distinctive salty taste to cured meats

  • Use only in very small quantities and according to instructions

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    Suggested uses

  • Used to cure poultry, fish, ham, bacon, luncheon meats, pates and more

  • Use in recipes that will be cured and cooked quickly, such as sausages

  • Not appropriate for long-cured products such as hard salami

  • Use to season the brine for corned beef, adding its traditional pinkish red color

  • Basic prep

    Use 1 ounce of Prague Powder to cure 25 pounds of meat. It is extremely important to use the proper amount to correctly cure meat or fish within food safely guidelines. Cannot be used as a substitute for table salt or sea salt.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Salt, Sodium Nitrite, FD&C Red #3.

    Prague Powder #1, also known as Insta Cure #1 or DC #1, is a curing mixture composed of sodium nitrite and table salt. It is used in the process of curing meat to prevent bacterial growth and to provide the characteristic salty flavor and pink color associated with curing.

    Prague Powder #1 works by drawing water out of meat and replacing it with salt, which slows microbial growth and oxidation, preventing spoilage and giving the finished product the characteristic salty flavor and drier texture of a cured meat.

    Prague Powder can be used to cure poultry, fish, ham, bacon, luncheon meats, corned beef and pates. Prague Powder #1 is recommended for meats that require short cures and will be cooked and eaten relatively quickly, like sausages. It is not appropriate for long-cured and dry-cured products like hard salami.

    Prague Powder #1 should be used only in very small quantities, so pink coloring is added to prevent it from being mistaken for ordinary table salt. Use this product with caution and instruction, as too much or too little can adversely affect health, taste and food quality.

    Be aware that Prague Powder #1 cannot safely be used as a substitute for Prague Powder #2, as their formulations and uses are distinct.

    Classic recipe

    Classic Corned Beef

    Enjoy the hearty and savory flavor of classic corned beef without a trip to the deli - our Prague Powder #1 makes curing your own meats and sausages easy. In this recipe, a five-day brine and three hour cook time creates tender, juicy cuts of flavor-packed corned beef.