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Pilpelchuma Seasoning

Our award-winning Pilpelchuma Seasoning is a spicy mix of crushed chiles and garlic, handcrafted to recreate the intense flavors of the popular Libyan condiment. Pilpelchuma, which translates to “pepper garlic” in Hebrew, is common throughout Libya and Israel and is often compared to harissa.

  • 5 varieties of ground chiles blended with granulated garlic and other spices
  • Can be rehydrated with water to make a smooth, spicy chile paste
  • Rich, bold flavor and strong, spicy aroma
  • 2016 sofi Award Finalist
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Suggested uses

  • Stir into tomato sauce and toss with pasta for an easy take on Fra Diavolo
  • Spread on salmon or pork chops before grilling
  • Toss with root vegetables before roasting
  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Dried chiles, garlic, spices, honey powder (sugar, honey), salt, paprika, citric acid.

    Classic recipe


    Shakshuka (an Israeli expression for "mixed up") is a classic Israeli dish with roots in the scarcity of the 1950s, when eggs were a much relied-on source of protein. The spicy Pilpelchuma chile-based sauce reflects the influence of many waves of African immigrants.