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Organic Granulated Onion

Onions are a basic vegetable used in many worldwide cuisines for their strong, sharp, sweet flavor. We dry and grind organic onions to creamy white grains to preserve the all-natural flavor for our Organic Granulated Onion.

  • Creamy white color

  • Fine, uniform grains

  • May contain naturally occurring sulfur compounds

  • Certified organic to the specifications of the USDA National Organic Program

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in sauce, rubs and marinades for grilling or barbecue

  • Top onion flavored baked goods such as rolls, bagels and bread

  • Blend with sour cream and yogurt for an onion-flavored dip

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Organic onion.

    Granulated Onion is the perfect, subtle way to add the flavor of onion to a recipe, fast. The onion, or "Allium cepa," is a biennial plant that is commonly grown as an annual. Popular in almost every cuisine, this bulbous vegetable has been cultivated for at least 7,000 years. Traces of onion remains have been found in ruins of Bronze Age settlements, and it is believed that onions were cultivated in ancient Egypt, alongside leeks and garlic, two other members of the allium family.

    Onions are often used to add a savory back note and a distinct, pungent flavor to a dish or sauce. When caramelized, their flavor is deep and satisfyingly sweet. They can also be eaten raw, pickled or used to make chutneys and jams. They are endlessly versatile and an essential ingredient in countless recipes due to the depth and flavor they add.

    In ancient Greece, athletes consumed large quantities of onions, as it was believed that they lightened the balance of the blood. Onions were also prescribed for a variety of ailments including circulatory disorders and headaches. Ancient Egyptians believed that onions' spherical shape and concentric rings symbolized eternal life. In the Middle Ages, onions were so important that people would pay their rent with them.

    Chopping onions produces an infamous stinging reaction with the eyes, causing them to water. This is caused by damage to cells, which causes the production of sulfenic acids in the form of volatile gases. These gases enter the air, irritating the eyes and producing tears in order to flush out the irritant.

    Our Organic Granulated Onion livens up ordinary dishes by adding all-natural onion flavor to any recipe without the time and tears.

    A conveniently stored form of organic onion, it won't spoil or linger on hands and cooking surfaces.

    Classic recipe

    French Onion Dip

    Creamy and crowd-pleasing onion dip can be whipped up in seconds thanks to our convenient Chopped Onion. Serve with fresh-cut vegetables or your favorite bag of potato chips for a salty-savory snack.