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Korintje Cinnamon, Cassia Bark

Cassia Bark Cinnamon is spicy-sweet, rolled, woody pieces perfect for infusing a curry, dessert sauce or hot drink.

  • Light to dark tan with reddish undertones

  • Approximately 1/2 to 1 inch small chips

  • Pungent, warm and sweet

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    Suggested uses

  • Simmer in soymilk and honey for a delicious warming beverage.

  • Sauté with lamb, eggplant and raisins for Middle Eastern flavor

  • Add to mulled wine or spiced ciders

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use whole or ground. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.



    Cassia Bark Cinnamon, or "Cinnamomum cassia," is derived from the inner bark of a tropical Evergreen Lauryl tree that is native to Burma. Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices, mentioned in the Bible and used in ancient Egypt for beverage flavoring and medicine. Its popularity spread to China where it currently is widely produced. While most familiarly used in baked goods, the flavor is also popular in roasting meats, brewing beverages and adding to savory sauces.

    The essential oils in the bark of cinnamon have been found to aid circulatory ailments, boost brain function and improve colon health. It is suggested that simply adding cinnamon to a daily diet can help reap the benefits from this popular spice. It is also frequently infused into soaps, oils and perfumery for aromatherapy treatments.

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    A classic chicken tagine gets its beautiful color from turmeric and saffron, its aromatics from a slew of fragrant spices and its subtle oregano-like notes from Nigella Seeds (or black caraway). This comforting dish is cooked low and slow to preserve both its flavors and the tenderness of the chicken.