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Korean Black Garlic Seasoning

Black Garlic has long been prized in Asian cultures for its rich, smooth flavor. Black Garlic is created when raw garlic is fermented in an environment with carefully controlled heat and humidity. This seasoning blend makes adding Black Garlic to recipes easier and more convenient.

  • Great substitute for a traditional Korean meat marinade with flavors of soy, sugar, sesame, garlic and ginger.
  • Full of rich, umami-packed, earthy balsamic and molasses flavors provided by the black garlic powder
  • Caramelizes on meat as it is grilled, roasted or broiled
  • Presents a round, pronounced sweetness typical of Korean barbecue
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Suggested uses

  • Add to marinades to add dimension to beef, lamb or pork

  • Sprinkle on roasted meats

  • Add to soups and stews

  • Give a rich, earthy fullness to whole grains like barley, farro or grano

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Brown sugar, turbinado sugar, sesame seeds, salt, garlic powder, spices, black garlic powder, corn maltodextrin, wheat, soybeans, scallions. Contains sesame, wheat and soybeans.

    Black Garlic has a storied history in the cuisines of Asia. It is especially highly prized in Korea where it is enjoyed for its mellow flavor but also treasured for its antioxidant properties.

    Black Garlic is made by fermenting freshly harvested raw garlic by carefully controlling the temperature and humidity of in which it is stored. This process mellows the expected astringency of raw garlic and heightens the sweeter, rounder components of its flavor in much the same way that caramelizing onions brings out their inherent sweetness. This sweetness helps explain why Black Garlic is used in everything from noodle and rice dishes to sweets like cakes and cookies.

    Our Korean Black Garlic Seasoning is one of the most convenient ways to add Black Garlic's rich, mellow flavor to recipes. We've combined powdered Black Garlic with other subtle, authentic Asian flavors like soy, ginger and sesame in an easy to use, easy to enjoy blend.

    Classic recipe

    Black Garlic Glazed Swordfish

    Our Korean Black Garlic Seasoning is perfect for marinating and glazing fish, chicken, steak or vegetables. Fermented black garlic, sesame seeds and scallions give the blend its savory flavor, while brown and turbinado sugars give it a balancing sweetness.