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Green Curry Rice

Coconut Green Curry Rice is a coconut and spice infused rice with a flavor profile that is native to Thai cuisine. The subtle and complex flavor of this blend adds to the balance and involved nature of building Thai dishes.

  • Yellowish green in color

  • Approximately 1/4” in size

  • Mild coconut flavor combined with a hint of spice

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    Suggested uses

  • Use as a base for curry dishes, adding vegetables and protein

  • Stuff into chicken, fish or pork then slice for a dramatic presentation

  • Add raw shrimp, scallops or whitefish while cooking for a one-pot meal

  • Form cooked and cooled rice into patties, then sauté or fry to make rice cakes

  • Basic prep

    Bring 2 cups water and 1 cup Coconut Green Curry Rice to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until water is almost gone (about 10 minutes).

    Storage & handling

    Store in a cool, dry place


    Rice, Coconut milk powder, Coconut, Salt, Contains 2% or less of Spices, Canola oil, Scallions, Corn maltodextrin, Sugar, Dried chiles, Shallots, Lime leaves, Sodium caseinate, Lemongrass, Spinach, Garlic, Onion, Tamarind, Citric acid. Contains: Milk, Tree Nuts.

    Coconut Green Curry Rice is an infused white rice with hints of coconut milk, chiles, garlic, lime and onion. Thai cuisine is known for its aromatic dishes and this flavor profile helps to complement almost any element of this style of cooking. With a blending of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places an emphasis on harmonious flavors and values rice as its staple grain. Coconut flavor, especially that of coconut milk, is widely used in this cuisine due to its abundance in this region. This soothing ingredient provides perfect balance for more heated elements, such as chiles.

    Classic recipe

    Shrimp with Coconut Green Curry Rice

    All the fragrant flavors of coconut milk-based Thai green curry are infused into our Coconut Green Curry Rice, making it quick and easy to serve a Thai-inspired meal. Simply spiced grilled shrimp round out the dish and allow the flavors of the rice to shine through.