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Crisped Quinoa (Extruded)

Crisped Quinoa has an extremely light and crispy texture, making it an ideal substitute for crisped rice.

  • Slightly sweet, toasted flavor

  • Crispy, almost crunchy texture

  • Small, round grains with creamy golden color

  • Nutritious alternative to puffed rice breakfast cereal

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Enjoy with milk and fruit as a nutritious alternative to puffed rice cereal

  • Bake into granola

  • Add to trail mix to boost nutrient content without adding excess fat or cholesterol

  • Sprinkle over salads to add texture

  • Add to muffin, pancake or waffle batter for a unique texture

  • Basic prep

    Ready to eat. No preparation necessary.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a cool, dry place.



    Classic recipe

    Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bars

    Quinoa is great as a salad, or side dish but what about quinoa as dessert? Crisped Quinoa is crunchy with a light toasted flavor. Add Puffed Quinoa to cereal or explore other sweet options.