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Christmas Peppercorn Blend

Our Christmas Peppercorn Blend is a festive mix of green and pink peppercorns. It provides a fresher, lighter and more floral flavor, compared with traditional black pepper, and can be substituted for black pepper in any recipe.

  • Olive green and red in color

  • Harvested and processed with no additives or preservatives

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    Suggested uses

  • Use anywhere you would use whole, crushed or ground black pepper to add a delicate, fresh, fruity pepper flavor

  • Excellent as part of a rub for meat, poultry or seafood

  • Great in vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressings

  • Whole peppercorns can be tied in a cheesecloth bag and dropped into simmer stocks, soups or stews toward the end of cooking to add flavor

  • Basic prep

    Grind fresh just before use.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Green Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns

    Green peppercorns come from the common pepper plant (Piper nigrum), a flowering tropical plant that produces tiny berries. These can be harvested and processed at various stages of their maturity to achieve different flavors and colors. Green peppercorns are harvested long before they reach maturity, and as a result have a light, aromatic, fresh flavor.

    Pink peppercorns are, in fact, not true peppercorns at all, but the dried berries of an unrelated plant that grows in South America. The plant produces tiny, aromatic, rose-hued berries that have delicate, slightly floral undertones to their peppery flavor.

    This colorful blend brings together two lighter-tasting peppercorns, both of which have herbal and fruity undertones, ideal for seasoning poultry, fish and pork.

    Peppercorns have far-reaching cultural and historical significance. Europeans sought them as far back as ancient times, and as a result they often drove exploration and commerce. As early as the Roman Empire, they were bought, sold and taxed. The lure of pepper and other spices brought explorers from all over Europe to India during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Peppercorns were sometimes accepted in lieu of money in dowries, taxes and rents, such was their value!

    India is currently the world's largest producer of peppercorns, and it's also the site of the first documented peppercorn use, in the 4th century B.C. Experts believe the plant originated in the Southern Indian state of Kerala.

    Classic recipe

    Steak au Poivre

    A classic way to showcase a quality cut of beef, this recipe for steak au poivre features an iconic black peppercorn sauce with a special twist: flamed cognac. Showy but not overly taxing to make, it's just the ticket for a tête-à-tête or an intimate gathering with friends.