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Cassava Flour (Manioc Or Yuca Flour)

Cassava Flour (sometimes called “tapioca flour,” “manioc flour,” or “yuca flour”) is a among the most versatile of gluten-free flours. It is made from the powdered dried root of the cassava plant.

  • Fine, off-white powder

  • Mild flavor with some slight sweet notes

  • Balance of carbohydrate, fiber, fat and protein components,unlike other gluten-free flours

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Substitute for any wheat flour product

  • Use to bake breads, rolls or muffins

  • Bake cakes and pies

  • Add to gravies and sauces as a thickening agent

  • Mix in to pie fillings

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use.


    Cassava root.

    Yuca Flour provides a gluten-free healthy alternative to wheat flour products. Yuca, also known as “cassava,” “manioc,” and “tapioca,” has served as a staple in Africa and Asia. They are a dependable food source, with plants growing to nearly 10 feet high, stemming from edible roots that grow to up to 2 feet long and weigh 50 pounds.

    Yuca Flour is one of the more versatile of the gluten-free flours, as it has a neutral taste that won’t influence or change the flavor of cooking or baking. In addition, its texture makes a great thickening agent conducive to baking breads and cooking purees, sauces, pie fillings, gravies and puddings.

    Classic recipe

    Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

    Cassava Flour is the key to Brazilian pão de queijo. Similar to a French gougère pastry it is made with plenty of cheese, resulting in a pleasantly crispy exterior and airy, chewy interior. Cassava Flour also stands in well for quantities of all-purpose flour in shortbread and cookie recipes.