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Brown Flaxseed

Brown Flaxseed adds light, nutty taste, pleasant crunch and rich nutritional content to recipes.

  • Dark brown, flat, oblong seeds about 3/16 inch long

  • Great non-allergenic alternative to peanuts and tree nuts

  • Rich in dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants

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    Suggested uses

  • Brown Flaxseeds are a crunchy, nutritious and non-allergen-producing alternative to many nuts and seeds

  • Sprinkle into breakfast cereals, stir-fries and hot grain dishes, or use to garnish salads and vegetables

  • Add whole Brown Flaxseeds or ground flax meal to smoothies and sauces before blending

  • Sprout flaxseeds and add them to salads or sandwiches

  • Basic prep

    Use as-is or toast prior to use. Flaxseeds may be ground into flax meal and added to recipes.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Brown flax seeds.

    Classic recipe

    Flaxseed Cheddar Crackers

    The nutty flavor and crunchy texture of flaxseeds are enjoyable elements in these savory cheddar crackers. Both our Brown Flaxseed and Golden Flaxseed contain large amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids.