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Black Summer Truffle Peelings

These Black Summer Truffle Peelings are carefully packed in oil to make adding this mild, walnut-aroma truffle easy to incorporate into any recipe. With a tougher skin with large, triangular bumps that encapsulate the pale beige insides, this particular breed is hearty and mellow.

  • Various shades of brown

  • Picked fresh, sliced and preserved in our proprietary formulation of black truffle oil

  • Earthy and robust flavor typical of truffles

  • This product will be returning soon!

    Suggested uses

  • Fold into omelettes, polentas and cheese fondue for rich truffle flavor

  • Grate into warm olive oil with a touch garlic, salt and black pepper for a bruschetta for pasta, bread, meat, fish or salad

  • Basic prep

    Remove truffles from oil and rinse.


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tuber Aestivum and Truffle Aroma.

    Classic recipe

    Buckwheat Crepes with Mushrooms and Truffle

    These stuffed buckwheat crepes make a simple yet special dish for brunch, lunch or dinner. Our Special Mushroom Blend contains a delicious combination of shiitake, chanterelle, morel, porcini, oyster and bolete mushrooms, and our Black Summer Truffle Peelings make this dish a standout.